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Amalain Buyer & Vendor Advocates is the brainchild of Michelle Amarant and Wendy Chamberlain, two Aussie girls with a love of all things real estate.

With a combined 30+ years experience buying and selling their own real estate, Michelle and Wendy know what it takes to get a deal over the line. They know how to negotiate!

Michelle Amarant and Wendy Chamberlain

Whilst Michelle and Wendy are fully licensed real estate agents, they can both proudly say they have never been selling agents. This means they have not been indoctrinated into the “churn and burn clients” mentality so prevalent within the real estate industry.

At Amalain, you are our top priority. We work 100% for you, whether you are buying or selling.

Why Choose Amalain Advocates … WE MAKE IT EASY

We charge a LOW FLAT FIXED FEE for our Buyer Advocate service

We offer you a FREE No Obligation 30 minute Phone Consultation

We are trained and experienced in negotiation strategies to help secure each property at the best possible price

We have access to the Secret World of  “off market” properties – the Real Estate for sale you never get to see

We offer you our Vendor Advocate Home Seller Service at no additional cost to you

Our Buyer & Seller Advocates have been personally investing, buying and selling real estate for a combined 30+ years

Trusted impartial advice to protect your interests throughout the entire Buying or Selling Process

Tired of wasting weekends? Isn’t it time you got your weekends back? It pays to have a specialist in your corner

WE MAKE IT EASY to sell your home or investment property and get into your new home or buy an investment property sooner

What our happy clients say…



We completely understand the stress that buyers and sellers are going through, as we have been there ourselves.  We will hold your hand and act as your guide throughout the entire property journey to make the process as easy as possible.


You can rely on us to be upfront and trustworthy when it comes to price expectations, even if it is not what you want to hear. We pride ourselves on our integrity and how we communicate with you and what you can expect from ourselves and our services.


Our open and straight forward communication style ensures that you are well informed in advance of the Buying and/or Selling process and we clearly explain each step to you, ensuring that you understand each stage of the process.


We will provide you with information that is both useful and relevant, based on our years of knowledge and expertise.  Our role is make sure that your property experience is as streamlined and as easy as practical, eliminating stress.

Follow Through

Our service to you extends beyond the buying or selling of a home. We will offer you a comprehensive end-to-end service, from the moment we meet and discuss your property goals, right through to settlement and your moving day, not just the signing of the contract. You can expect that we will communicate proactively with you, promptly returning your calls, replying to emails and ensuring your questions and queries are answered to your satisfaction. Our role is to make it easy for you and we take pride in ensuring that our clients’ needs are meet to their highest satisfaction.


Michelle Amarant, is not your average buyer and vendor advocate, in fact despite assisting in the buying and selling of over 40 properties she’s never worked in real estate! Yet this is precisely what makes her clients love her.

With natural affinity for the wheeling & dealing that most home buyers can’t stand, Michelle is a master negotiator with a heart of gold.  Described by her clients as a cunning strategist, she descends upon the task at hand like an answered prayer – a magical whirlwind, with just the right balance of tenacity, sincerity and good humour to take away all the hassle and pull off the impossible purchase with impeccable style and poise.

That’s because Michelle is passionately committed to financial empowerment for others and is a strong believer that property is the right leverage to get there after successfully growing her own portfolio since a young age. Unlike others in her field she has no ulterior motive, other than seeing her clients land their dream home, sometimes in spite of impossible odds.

Her cool under pressure expertise stems from a background as a buyer for several major retail brands, leading large teams and running her own multi-location businesses. Coupled with her intimate knowledge of buying and selling property over 17 years, it’s easy to see why Michelle was a natural when she began to advocate for others, but her biggest indicator of success was always her genuine investment in her clients getting the outcomes they want, and the thrill she gets when they scream down the phone when they hear the great news.

Michelle profile pic reversed

When she is not helping clients, Michelle splits her time between her other loves, her wonderful hubby, connecting with friends, spending time at the ocean, spoiling her beautiful niece and nephew and traveling every chance she gets.

Whether you’re an investor or first home buyer, a family looking to upsize or downsize, a single woman looking to break into property, looking at buying or selling your first home in 40 plus years, Michelle’s greatest driver has always been to help create the pathway to financial freedom for others, and above all to be part of the journey with you.

First Home Buyer Success

Amalain Melbourne Buyers Advocates help find a home for first home buyers in Melbourne

Michelle has been wonderful through the process of buying our first home.

Being in the middle of a crazy busy work time I didn’t have the time or patience to search and deal with all the agents call and questions, Michelle took all the pressure off and made the process a much better experience.

Her advice and expertise was invaluable, I’ll be eternally grateful for her help.

Thank you Michelle!



Having previously helped women get started in real estate and an avid real estate investor herself, Wendy Chamberlain has bought and sold more than a dozen properties for her own portfolio over the past two decades using various investment strategies, making her move into Buyers Advocacy a natural progression.

With over 20 years IT experience and holding a Bachelor of Computing Degree, Wendy’s desire to educate and empower others saw her follow her real estate passion. She threw in her high-powered, six figure job with its $45 million budgets and gut wrenching stress to create Affluencia.com, a real estate education website showing enthusiastic would-be property owners how to get started in real estate.

In 2009 Wendy established Savvy Web Women, employing her unique ability to decode the “geek speak” and “techno-babble” using simple, plain English to help savvy business owners better understand social media and navigate the online world.

An avid real estate investor herself, Wendy’s real estate investment strategies have included several renovation projects and positive cash-flow investments whilst as a buyer’s advocate she has helped her clients buy dozens more properties. Through launching Social Property Selling and embracing her role as a buyers advocate and property finder in her company Amalain, Wendy has realised two passionss – real estate and computers – and she brings to the table her considerable experience and expertise in both arenas.

Wendy loves that as a Buyers Advocate, she gives her clients a trusted and experienced voice who is on their side in the negotiation arena. Wendy considers it an honour to be trusted with something as important as the purchase of a new home or investment property. After all, this is one of the biggest financial commitments many people will make. To be asked to help others realise such an important goal as home ownership is a real privilege.

Wendy Chamberlain is your Melbourne Buyers Advocate

Being able to successfully negotiate the purchage of real estate for a client is something that Wendy finds immensely satisfying. Her established relationships with Melbourne real estate agents means she is kept informed about many “off market” sales (not advertised to the public), whilst, as a skilled negotiator, she is adept at securing properties for clients prior to an auction.

First Home Buyer Success

Sold - why you should choose Amalain vendor advocates when you sell your home

After seeking to buy my first home for several months, I was recommended to utilise Wendy services.

Upon initial contact, it became quickly apparent that Wendy’s knowledge base and high level of professionalism would be of great assistance to me. Within 2 weeks Wendy had helped me find and buy my perfect first home, for 10’s of thousands of dollars cheaper than similar auctioned properties in the area.

Wendy’s service was fantastic, fast acting, and far more affordable than other buyer’s advocates in the market.

I’d highly recommend Wendy’s services to anyone looking to break into this difficult market here in Melbourne, her services are invaluable.

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How Amalain Supports Your Property Journey… WE MAKE IT EASY

Amalain Buyers Advocates will help you buy your Melbourne investment property

We help our investor clients purchase property that matches their investment needs for a low flat fee. Contact us for a FREE phone consultation

Amalain Buyers Advocates will help you sell your Melbourne property

Selling your home but not wanting to navigate the waters alone? Allow us to be your trusted, impartial guide to help you achieve a great result. Contact us for a free consultation.

Speak to Amalain Buyer Advocates about purchasing your next home

We help all other home buyers, such as downsizers, empty nesters, retirees, foreign expats and those upgrading to a bigger home, for a low flat fee. Contact us for a free consultation.

Amalain Buyers Advocates will bid at auction or negotiate to buy your Melbourne home

Already found your dream home? Great! We will bid at auction on your behalf for a flat fee. Contact us for a confidential discussion.

Amalain Buyers Advocates will help you buy your first Melbourne home

Helping First Time Buyers is our specialty! We help first home owners at this very important time to purchase their dream home, for a flat fee. Enquire Now

Amalain Is Your Melbourne Property Finder, Seller & Negotiator!

Melbourne Is Our Home Town. Let Our Local Knowledge Be Your Secret Weapon.