How Much Does A Vendor Advocate Cost?

/How Much Does A Vendor Advocate Cost?
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We offer our Vendor Advocacy service to you at no additional cost to you.

You get to leverage our years of experience buying and selling homes, managing real estate agents and understanding how the “real estate game” works.

Working with us will not cost you anything more than if you decided to sell your home yourself directly with an agent. The difference is, we will manage the entire selling process for you – freeing up your valuable time.

How can it be at no cost to you?

Because with our Vendor Advocacy service, we are not paid by our client. We ask the real estate agent that is selected to sell your home to pay us a percentage of the commission they will earn by selling your property.  Therefore, there is no additional cost incurred by our client for us to closely monitor for them the sale of their home.

When you sell your home using an agent, the real estate agent will charge you a commission. As part of our service to manage the process, we ask the agent to share that commission payment with us. Rest assured, you are our client. As such, we are working for you and we ensure that the commission you end up paying is the very best that selling agent is prepared to offer to you to win your business. We are also totally independent and are not aligned with any real estate agencies.

We’d love to MAKE IT EASY for you when it comes to selling your family home, an investment property or even it if is just time to upsize or downsize. We are your trusted voice in the Melbourne real estate market.

Why use a Vendor Advocate?
Choose Amalain Buyer & Vendor advocates can help you buy a home sooner

  1. We know how to negotiate – we will ensure that the agent that is chosen really is doing the right thing by you regarding the marketing that they want you to pay for. Is that full page colour advert in your local glossy magazine really necessary? Does it work? How would you know?
  2. It removes the emotion – selling the family home can and often is a very stressful experience. There are often many moving parts and a myriad of reasons as to why a property is being sold, not to mention lots of different voices needing to have a say. We are the central point of contact, we keep everybody informed and totally remove the emotion from the communication process.
  3. We take the stress away – we will provide you with honest, open feedback and ensure your interests are protected at all times.
  4. We speak the language – we know how the real estate game is played and we are in your corner to keep the real estate agents honest.
  5. People don’t trust real estate agents – a sad fact, but true. Many people we speak to do not trust real estate agents. It’s that simple. There are many excellent real estate agents out there – our job is to make sure the best one is chosen to sell your home.
  6. We ensure transparency – selling a home is often the sale of the biggest asset you will ever own. It is vital you know what is going on, how long it will take, what it will cost you and what you are likely to receive at the end of it all. We work side by side with you to make sure you stay informed at every step of the sales process.
  7. We’re local – you may not be located in Melbourne. In fact, you may be trying to manage the sale of your Melbourne property from interstate or even overseas. Let us be your ears and eyes on the ground here in Melbourne.

Vendor Advocacy ServiceContact Amalain for your free real estate consultation

Amalain Advocates works with you to help you sell your property, by:

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesProviding an independent opinion of the value of the property

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesSaving you time by conducting the real estate agent interview process for you to help you choose the most appropriate selling agent. We’re 100% independent and not aligned with any real estate agency or group.

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesNegotiating a fair and reasonable selling commission

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesImplementing the most cost-effective marketing campaign

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesAdopting the most appropriate tactics on the day of sale

Organising conveyancing by a reputable and cost-effective firmAmalain Vendor Advocates

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesPresentation tips, including rental furniture and any maintenance that may be required

If you’d like us to help you hold your hand throughout the selling process, we’d love to help. We offer a no obligation 30 minute FREE phone consultation to discuss your requirements.

Our Vendor Advocacy service is offered at NO CHARGE to you.

Please contact us for a confidential chat.

How Amalain Supports Your Property Journey… WE MAKE IT EASY

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Let the experienced team at Amalain Advocates help you choose the right agent to achieve the best result when selling your Melbourne home or investment property