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Investor Search and Acquisition Service – $14,995

Both Michelle Amarant and Wendy Chamberlain are experienced real estate investors whom have a combined 30+ years experience buying and selling their own portfolios, so it is understandable that they know what it takes to find and buy a great investment property.

Amalain Buyer & Vendor advocates can help you buy a home soonerEvery investor has different goals and different criteria when it comes to investing and an investment property requires carefully consideration and research to increase the likelihood of a maximum return. Once you’ve made the decision to invest in property, it’s often hard to know where to start, what strategy to use and what areas to look in.  This is where Amalain Advocates MAKES IT EASY for you.

Whether you are a First Time Investor or a Seasoned Investor, Amalain’s experienced Buyers Advocates will meet with you to discuss your needs and requirements.

At Amalain, our experienced buyer advocates keep up to date with all of the latest market research and trends into areas with potential for Capital Growth and Rental Yield.

Part of Amalain’s FREE CONSULTATION SERVICE is meet with you to discuss what you want to achieve from your investment strategy. Are you looking for rental yield over capital gains? The possibility of further development opportunities?

Amalain Buyers Advocates will also provide you with advice on whether a particular suburb is still offering value for money or may have already reached its peak, on the type of property that is attractive to the rental market in a particular suburb.

Amalain can be of assistance to you in MAKING IT EASY whether you are looking to invest in:

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesContact Amalain for your free real estate consultationCapital Growth Suburbs

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesHigh Rental Yield Suburbs

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesSubdivision Opportunities

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesCosmetic Renovation & Structural Opportunities

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesAdd Value / Manufacture Profit Opportunities

Amalain does all of the legwork on behalf of you, the Investor. Amalain will implement a Purchasing Strategy, from researching, sourcing, analysing, negotiating the best possible price and terms as well as Auction bidding (if required) as many times as needed until the right property is secured.

Amalain Buyer & Vendor advocates are your experienced property finder in MelbourneOur service includes:

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesProviding a shortlist of properties

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesArranging private inspections

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesCommunicating and dealing with your nominated Solicitor, Finance Provider, Building and Pest Inspector

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesPreparing and presenting the offer on your behalf to the Real Estate Agent

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesBidding at Auction

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesAttending the Final Inspection

If you’d like us to MAKE IT EASY to purchase your investment property,  we offer a no obligation 30 Minute FREE PHONE CONSULTATION to discuss your requirements.

Amalain in the pressWhen we work with you to purchase your investment property, we will:

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesDetermine the best suburbs for you to invest in based on your own personal circumstances and specific criteria. This may be a mix of both capital grown and high yield.

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesAdvise you the demographics and key infrastructure within those suburbs, such a local schools, parks, transport and shops.

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesUtilise our networks to find you properties that are not only publicly available, but offer you access to the many properties off market and not available to the general public.

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesPersonally inspect for you any properties on our agreed shortlist and provide you with a summary of our findings.

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesBased on your circumstances and goals, we will advise you as to which property we feel to be the best fit for you. We provide you with access to our trusted partners, such as building/pest inspectors, and liaise with your Solicitor/Conveyancer to ensure all the legal contracts and section 32 paperwork is in order.

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesNegotiate the purchase of a property on your behalf or, where necessary, bid at auction. Where possible, we try to secure your property prior to any auction. If this is not possible, based on your signed authority we will bid on your behalf at auction.

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesUpon your successful purchase, ensure all the necessary parties (your Solicitor/Conveyancer, Mortgage Broker or Bank) receive all the legal documentation needed to successfully settle the purchase of your property.

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesRecommend a Property Manager to manage the rental of your property. We will liaise on your behalf with the property manager to ensure they understand your needs and, where a property is vacant, have them secure a tenant for you as quickly as possible.

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesPrior to the settlement of your property, we will attend the Final Inspection with you to ensure all is in order.

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesTrack your property purchase right the way through until settlement has successfully completed

Unlike many other buyers advocates who work on a commission basis, when you choose to work with Amalain Advocates we offer a LOW FLAT FEE of $14,995 so you’ll know exactly you’re your costs will be, right from the start.

Please contact us for a confidential chat.

How Amalain Supports Your Property Journey… WE MAKE IT EASY

Amalain Buyers Advocates will help you buy your Melbourne investment property

We help our investor clients purchase property that matches their investment needs for a low flat fee. Contact us for a FREE phone consultation

Amalain Buyers Advocates will help you sell your Melbourne property

Selling your home but not wanting to navigate the waters alone? Allow us to be your trusted, impartial guide to help you achieve a great result. Contact us for a free consultation.

Speak to Amalain Buyer Advocates about purchasing your next home

We help all other home buyers, such as downsizers, empty nesters, retirees, foreign expats and those upgrading to a bigger home, for a low flat fee. Contact us for a free consultation.

Amalain Buyers Advocates will bid at auction or negotiate to buy your Melbourne home

Already found your dream home? Great! We will bid at auction on your behalf for a flat fee. Contact us for a confidential discussion.

Amalain Buyers Advocates will help you buy your first Melbourne home

Helping First Time Buyers is our specialty! We help first home owners at this very important time to purchase their dream home, for a flat fee. Enquire Now

Wendy, Michelle & the Amalain team have assisted in the purchase and selling of dozens of homes right across Melbourne (and beyond!).

Let the experienced team at Amalain Advocates MAKE IT EASY when buying or selling your Melbourne home or investment property