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What People Have To Say About Working With Amalain…

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They’ve been so helpful

I really enjoyed working with Wendy and Michelle. They’ve been so helpful. They’ve always returned calls and communicated and we had a great result today. I was really pleased so, thanks tons. Thank you.


They were a huge help

Hi I’m Bryce, and I’m Jess. We just bought our house thanks to Amalain, which is amazing – they were a huge help! We had a lot of difficulty trying to find the perfect place but they really did make it easy for us. It was a really stress-free process which was important to me, and we are really glad we went through them.

Jess and Bryce

Had their clients interest at the forefront

I have not experienced Michelle and Wendys’ services until recently and I am most impressed. I have been an Estate Agent for 45 years and they recently selected my firm to handle a sale in South Yarra which ended successfully and quickly. At all times the ladies had their clients interest at they forefront and their efficiency and professionalism was a delight to experience. I have no hesitation in recommending them to you.

Philippe Batters

Have someone on your side who knows the game

Thank you very much to Michelle who was lovely to work with and found us a gorgeous property and made the negotiating and purchasing of it very easy! So nice not to have to stress about forgetting or overlooking something, having someone who knows the game on your side and there to explain the process and liaise with agents, solicitors, building inspectors etc. all on your behalf. Thank you!

Ellen & Mike

Professional approach and experience

Dear Susie,

I cannot thank you enough for your invaluable help with the sale of my property. Your professional approach and experience gave me the confidence to proceed with the sale, something about which I had worried for a considerable time. You kept the sale process moving along, with regular meetings and comprehensive updates. I appreciated your liaison with my solicitor conveyancer and estate agent, thereby ensuring that all legal requirements and paperwork were completed.

I especially appreciated your willingnes to answer my many questions, to offer the reassurance that I needed, and to guide my decision making.

Yours sincerely,

Amalain took the pressure off

I was buying a property on my own and it was a really daunting experience because I did not know what I was doing. I missed out on an apartment that I should have been able to buy if I knew what I was doing and could act quickly. After missing out on the apartment, I decided to engage Amalain to represent me. It was helpful because it took the pressure off and I could relax knowing that I had someone doing the hard work for me. I could just enjoy the experience while being confident in the decisions that I was making. I got a bargain and it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t have Amalain representing me.

John P

It’s been great

We just want to say thank you very very much for the team at Amalain, Susie, Michelle and Jane for helping us get this property and we’re really really happy and then we will be moving in soon. But we couldn’t have done this without the team at Amalain so really, really thank you very much for helping us out again.


Made the process very smooth and enjoyable

So when we first started looking for a house, we didn’t know what to expect and Amalain was great at helping us understand the price that we might pay for different locations that we were interested in and more about the real estate market, in general. Once we found the property, Michelle and Wendy made the process of dealing with the agent really smooth and made it a really enjoyable experience. Thanks for helping us find the property that we want to live in for the foreseeable future.

Tom and Cara

Very reliable, responsive and transparent

The team at Amalain has been very wonderful with our complete purchase experience. Being a first homeowner, having the Amalain team behind us was really wonderful. It gave us a lot more confidence in terms of carrying out the process right from start to end. To sum it up, I would say the team at Amalain have been very reliable, responsive and transparent, especially with the circumstances or the situation that we were in where we had to finalise something and they were very gracious enough to listen to all the minor details of our requirements. I would strongly suggest, especially for first homebuyers having no experience with auction, to go with Amalain because we had a very positive and very delightful experience for sure. I think auction wouldn’t have been our cup of tea without Amalain.

Yes. First homebuyers, definitely think about it. You really have some personal guidance backing you up right from start to end and the money spent is really worthwhile. All to the last dime for sure. Thank you so much to the Amalain team and everyone. Thank you Michelle, thank you Shannen, and all the team at Amalain for being responsive and on top of everything all the time. Thank you so much!

Malay and Stuti

Professional all the way

We have had great dealings with Amalain Advocates and believe that their endeavour for their vendors is unquestionable. Lovely to work with and professional all the way!

Thomas Bechelli

Working hard for their vendors

5 stars are not enough for Wendy and Michelle. Such a good company to deal with. I can feel they really working hard for their vendors, I highly recommend to everyone.

Jack Peng

Took away all the stress

Well, we are very, very happy. Thank you Wendy, Michelle, and Jo for referring us to you guys. You guys did a fantastic job. Hockingstuart, awesome. We’re so happy.

Thanks to Amalain, Wendy and Michelle for all their hard work in keeping us going and keeping us in touch with everything that’s going on and everything they did for us. Fantastic result! Highly recommend it. We’ve put the feelers out, we’ve put the words out so definitely recommending them. Thanks guys, definitely appreciate it. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Stefanie and Gab

An outstanding job

So I met Wendy in 2016. October 2016 and we started on this journey trying to find my very first property. So we looked at a number of properties and for whatever reason, unfortunately missed out on those. However, Wendy was able to find me an off-market opportunity.

I could not be more happy with my now first apartment. Wendy has done an outstanding job supporting me throughout this journey and working on her holidays, doing the very best she can to fight for me and even though my situation has changed several times, she has always stuck to the plan and really has delivered for me. So thank you Wendy and thank you Amalain for helping me find my very first property.


Felt very supported

Yeah, great result today! Very happy. It’s been a great journey with the whole Amalain team at various stages and we learnt along the way. A lot of ups and downs and felt very supported the whole time. We bought a great house. We bought it under budget which is a great result.

I recommend all the ladies at Amalain. We had a really terrific experience.


They’ve done a great job

We’re really happy with our experience with Wendy and Michelle. They were introduced to us by some friends who bought in two days and we bought our property today in about 12 hours so we’re really excited. They’ve done a great job! Yeah we can’t believe how quick it was, we’ve got friends in the exact same position as us, first home buyers, we’ll definitely be recommending them. It’s great!

Tim and Bridget

A philosophy like no other agent

When we were first looking, we thought we would never be able to get a property that met our criteria. But then we spoke with Wendy and she found this property and we purchased it within 12 days. So Amalain were recommended to us by a number of people and when we engaged them, they had a philosophy like no other agent we’ve met. We worked with them. Within 12 days, we were in our property.

Thank you, Amalain.

Doug and Deidre

Knowledgeable and organised

I’d highly recommend Susie. She was knowledgeable, organised, prompt with communication, and generally a lovely person to work with. Given the market at the time, it took a couple of months for me to find the right property, yet she was reassuring and patient throughout the entire process. In the end, she found me a great property that I was very happy with.

Annie W.

Ethical and professional

John & I have previously worked with Amalain as buyers advocates. The auction campaign for 13/26 Barnett Street, Kensington was the first time we’d worked with Amalain as vendors advocates. During the 4-week campaign Wendy & Shannen demonstrated that they’re ethical, professional, strong communicators and very good at what they do. The end result speaks for itself (3 bidders on auction day – selling well above reserve price) and I know the vendor is very pleased they appointed Wendy from Amalain. Anybody looking for a buyer or vendor advocate should contact the team at Amalain today.

Kieran Moloney & John Morello – Jellis Craig

Offers a great service

I have to admit I had never heard of a vendors advocate when my broker recommended Wendy and her team but I’m so glad I contacted Amalain. Wendy did all the hard work for me, she interviewed the agents and had the tough chats that I knew I wasn’t capable of. In the end we chose an amazing agent together, I was given all the facts about each agent and the associated fees and was able to make an informed decision.

Wendy and the team walked me through the process and Wendy calmed my nerves every time I got a little frazzled. Auction day was a blur and I was so thankful to have Wendy’s support and guidance.

Amalain offers a great service but its more than that, they’re awesome people to deal with and so genuine. I would have no hesitation recommending them to my friends or using them again.

Kel Rudd

Helped answer our questions without pain or dramas

Real estate is for the majority of people overwhelming. Which is the best place? Who is the best lender? Is the agent honest? How to make the offer so that the vendor doesn’t’ take advantage? Where are the best properties? To auction or not? How much can I afford? Should I buy this one or that one? Is the condition of the property sound? And the worst: every Thursday and Saturday is transformed in excursions of hunters and gatherers “to see what is there”…

When we started looking for a property, some friends told us that this was normal… that buying, especially the first property, is “not a pleasant process”, “ it may take up to a year…” In our case after some weeks we had enough to “schlep” through buildings, houses and bored looking agents flogging pamphlets like robots.

Suddenly things changed. Our mortgage agent introduced us to Jane Joycey from Amalain. This lady specialises in helping people like us, to make the process of acquiring a property glide like butter in warm spaghetti… The process is based on 3 main simple questions that she makes at the beginning of the relationship: What do you want? Where do you want it? How much do you want to spend? And the magic begins.

The next day we started to get appointments to see properties we were really looking for. Jane arranged inspections with straightforward and polite agents waiting for us, normally before other people started to come. Many of the properties we saw were off the market. She has contacts everywhere! In the majority of the cases Jane was there with us inspecting and she had already done “the home work of a professional buyer ”. She knew the history of that property and other similar ones in the area, she had studied the actual and potential value of the area and probably the most important she gave us the advice one will expect from a friend who is interested not in selling but in helping. At the end, she was there not to sell us anything; she was there to help us buy something!

One afternoon, end of November 2016 after inspecting a property we went for a cup of coffee and Jane said “You will see, before Christmas I will get you the place you are looking for…” I did not say anything but in my mind I ran the classic scene of the film The Castle “Tell her she is dreaming…” Well… on the 9th December in the afternoon, again in a coffee shop, we were signing the contract for our new place… And yes! Jane helped us to answer the three main questions in 4 weeks, without pain or dramas. We got what we wanted, where we wanted it and we paid what we wanted to pay.

Now the story doesn’t end here because she has also arranged the building inspection, the solicitor to make sure the contract is okay and to arrange the conveyancing and she is now helping us to fix the old place, to get it ready for inspection, to get the best removalist and we will start to talk to her soon about helping us to get an investment property…

A final word about the Real Estate Jungle, Jane Joycey has not only a great know- how but she has also an incredible know–who and this is sometimes more important…

Happy house hunting! Thanks Jane…

Marina & Juan

Prompt action

We didn’t really know what to expect having a Buyers Advocate assist us with purchasing our first home. In reflection now, I know we would have lost the property we were looking at if not for Wendy’s prompt action. Within a week, we had our property. Wendy was able to guide us through the minefield of buying a property and was always on hand for all our questions. We will certainly be using her service again when it comes to buying our second property.

I don’t give praise lightly but credit where it is always due. Thanks Wendy for all the advice and support.

Rohan and Kate Chalmers

They have all the answers

It was such a pleasure working with Michelle who seemed to have all the answers to our real estate questions. We have been looking for the house for quite some time, and with our busy life it even take longer to find the house in the area we like. We met Michelle 5 months ago and she has been helping us look for a property in the area we like to purchase in.

We do not think we could have purchased our first property in our desired area if it wasn’t for Michelle and Wendy helping us bid the winning bid for the auction. We highly recommend Michelle and her team who has made it all so easy and painless for us to purchase our first home. Thank you Michelle and the team.

Isabella & Ang Teck

Ethical and professional conduct

It’s been a great experience working with you two. The thing impressed us most and still lasts until now is your ethical and professional conduct. Because of it, we trusted your independence throughout the whole sale campaign. Communication is your second best quality. We were truly happy with speedy updates and honest recommendations. We’ve got an outstanding result which has set a new benchmark in our street. In a cloudy industry like real estate, you two stand out as a navigator upon which home owners like us could rely. I truly believe if you continue to uphold the code of conduct, a flourishing success is certain. We wish you two all the best in the future and please keep on the good work.

Kind regards,
Joe Lieu

Walked us through all the processes

My wife and I employed the services from Wendy at Amalain and couldn’t be happier with the service, patience and outcome we received. The communication was outstanding, which is essential when you’re dealing with such large investments. We really felt like Wendy cared and had our best interests at heart at all stages through the process. I would (and already have) recommended Wendy’s services.

Thanks a million, Wendy. You are awesome.

James & Kerri Gregory

Helped us through the whole process

Thanks to Michelle and Wendy for helping us through buying our first home. A lot of confusing things to work through and they just really helped us through the whole process and along the way. Now we have a new home. Thanks!

Ben Shaw and Sarah Sorsby

Fantastic support

We’re first home buyers and were feeling quite intimidated and nervous about entering into the property market but Wendy has been a fantastic support and I would thoroughly recommend her services.

Mel Irwin

Prompt, professional, knowledgeable

“As soon as I met Michelle and Wendy from Amalain Buyer & Vendor Advocates, I knew I was going to be in safe hands. They exuded confidence and know-how.

In the cut-throat world of Melbourne’s obscenely high-priced real estate market, with a tight budget and timeframe, I knew I needed someone who had the behind-the-scenes knowledge and experience that only many years on both sides of the property fence (as buyers and sellers) will impart. I knew I needed expert assistance with making the right property choice for myself and for my kids’ future.

I saw Michelle and Wendy as a key investment and also as an insurance policy towards securing the right property at the right price. Boy, did they deliver. I remember sending Michelle an email at midnight one night with a property shortlist, to which she promptly responded with sage and well-thought advice. Not that I advocate by any means sending emails at odd hours…but part of their service is to put worried minds at ease!

Essentially, they are prompt, professional, knowledgeable, and can cut through all of the marketing fluff to make sure you make a good choice for the right money. Michelle nailed the purchase of the property I fell in love with by making an offer prior to auction, which was accepted. Their preferred service providers are also professional and experienced.

Amalain will hold your hand every step of the way. I am so grateful, and the team at Amalain is worth every cent!”

Kind regards,
Jen P

Provided an awesome service

We decided to use a buyers advocate because we are time poor. Wendy and Amalain have been awesome. Once we briefed her she found and purchased a property for us within 12 days. There is no way we would have found and purchased a property that quickly ourselves. We also managed to get an offer in and stop the auction. A few weeks down the track and we can already see that we have saved around $30K by having Wendy negotiate for us. Wendy was professional, efficient, listened to our needs and provided an awesome service. I highly recommend Wendy and her team at Amalain. Thanks so much Wendy.

Ian Smith

It’s about what fits for you

I decided at the beginning of my journey to partner with experts like Wendy and Michelle. Wendy understood that it wasn’t about the next house to buy but about the one that felt like my home!

I just purchased a property at Dickinson Street with the help of both Michelle and Wendy. Fantastic process, really short with all things considered and at a fantastic price. The thing I most enjoyed about working with the complete team is that it’s not about the house or property, it’s about what fits for you. Thank you guys. Much appreciated. I would recommend using Amalain to anyone!


Helped us with some massive decisions

Melbourne's leading buyer's agent for first home buyers

We are happy new home buyers and homeowners. We bought this beautiful property in Oak Park and we would like to say thank you, a huge thank you to Wendy and Michelle from Amalain Buyers Advocates. They’ve helped us from the get go, they’ve been right with us the all way, rocking this all the way, helped us with some massive decisions that we’ve had found it to hard to make or it’s too difficult for us to make and that is why where Wendy and Michelle stepped in and taken that brunt of the load for us, part of the process for us, they bidded for us. They did a wonderful job and the end result is that we’re really, really happy and we’ve got a wonderful property. So thank you Wendy and Michelle, you were awesome.

Ben & Eleanora

Advised me on the best course of action

I engaged the services of Michelle Amarant & Amalain to assist in the sale of my investment property as a Vendor Advocate. Michelle arranged everything for me, including interviewing the agents, negotiating commissions and marketing costs, she also arrange the cosmetic renovation and styling of the property prior to sale and all within my budget. She kept me informed of all open for inspections and potential buyer feedback. Come Auction day, Michelle guided and advised me on the best course of action and I sold for a fabulous price & was very happy with the result. The entire sales process was seamless, easy and no trouble at all. If you are looking to sell and don’t want to deal directly with agents or are time poor like myself, then I suggest that you contact Michelle and the team at Amalain. They really do “Make it Easy”.

Thanks again Michelle for all your help and support.


Their formula is tried and tested and works

Finding a property for me was becoming a nightmare. Work commitments combined with a personal life rendered me extremely time poor and frustrated. I seemed to continuously miss out on any property I went and saw. The thought of an advocate had crossed my mind but who could I really trust? I decided to speak to my broker to see if they knew anyone and it was here I was introduced to MICHELLE at Amalain. From the outset I knew this was the team I was looking for. Their formula is tried and tested and works. I liked the fact that the right amount of pressure was used to make things happen and nothing was left to chance. Michelle’s knowledge of the process is evident and she also is active in the property market. I was also supported nearly all hours of the day with a personal touch which is quite rare these days. As a first home buyer this relieved a lot of stress. Not only did I buy my property, I got it at a bargain price. I simply could not have done this without MICHELLE and the team at Amalain.

Matt E

Knows what needs to happen and when

Last year Michelle helped us buy a house and this year she helped us to sell one. On both occasions Michelle has made the real estate process much more efficient than had we managed it ourselves. She knows what needs to happen and when and she has worked respectfully with the real estate agents on our behalf. We found that Michelle’s experience and great customer service helped to make these experiences more positive ones, administratively, financially and emotionally!

Kate G

Knows how to achieve amazing results

We loved that Michelle entrusted us with the sale of 6/43 Milton Street for her client, she certainly knows how to achieve amazing results! She is one person you want on your team.

Nicole & Rachael
McGrath Real Estate Agents

A great result

I referred a client to Amalain who had been looking for a property for well over 12 months. Michelle has been fantastic working with my client and has recently helped him purchase a property, and under market value. A great result and a very happy (and relieved) client, and a relieved mortgage broker!

Rosemary McKenzie
Mortgage Broker

The whole process is so easy

“Initially, I spent months on housing hunting and got blamed from my partner for “Nothing has been achieved”. After I got in touch with Wendy, she found a house for us through private sale within 7 days in a very nice location we thought we couldn’t afford. The whole process from house hunting to settlement is so easy as they promised. I should’ve done this earlier. The fees they charge are much lower than the money they can save for you. Not only that, broker, solicitor, building inspector…. the whole package is ready. Also, our new neighbor even said we bought the house at a very low price. Thanks to Wendy.

I strongly recommend the services Wendy and Michelle provide. “WE MAKE IT EASY” should be “WE MAKE IT D*** EASY” though.

Jonathan & Ran

Achieved  terrific outcomes

I am a mortgage broker and have referred clients to these ladies and they have achieved terrific outcomes for my clients! They just sold over the weekend and got an incredible result! Great work!

Deb Smith
Finance Broker

Gained the information that I need

I just wanted to take this to thank you and your team for assisting me in my purchase. Without your knowledge and experience buying my first home would have been incredibly challenging. As a FIFO worker and a single parent, I had very little time to attend open homes or auctions. I spent a lot of time reading about issues to be aware of as a first home buyer however, I gained most of the information that I needed from my first consultation with Michelle.

The overall experience was professional and I gained a wealth of knowledge allowing me to feel confident in my purchase.

Thank you,
Violet E

Made the whole process smooth and easy

We are so happy we made the decision to use Wendy to help us find a home. After looking for years, and feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the prospect of buying a property – with Wendy we had purchased a house within 9 days! Wendy made the whole process smooth and easy, she found us an off market property and managed the whole process from start to finish.

Highly recommend using Amalain!

Adriane Hayward

Great communicator and professional

The best decision I made when looking at purchasing a property was having Wendy from Amalain on my side. She is friendly, a great communicator, professional and made the whole experience less daunting.

As a first home buyer I was overwhelmed at the whole buying process and Wendy put my mind at ease. With her experience and expertise, Wendy made the whole process less daunting and got me a great result with my first property purchase, I couldn’t have done it without her.

If you are unsure or need help purchasing a property, I highly recommend Wendy from Amalain.

Kind regards,

Work with Amalain

Speed and professionalism

Amalain have been like a breath of fresh air. The care which they showed towards their seller and the speed and professionalism in getting the home to market at short notice were particular standouts. It’s rare that you see people genuinely going above and beyond to achieve the best result – and Amalain did this plus more. A great result all-round!

Kind Regards,

Sam Harrison
Sales Consultant

An enormous support in the process

We decided to engage with Michelle after spending a number of months feeling that we were going to miss out on finding anything within our budget if we didn’t have a bit of an edge in such a competitive market. As first home buyers, there were suburbs we wanted to buy in but were rapidly becoming outpriced of as the months went by.

We found Michelle to be an enormous support in the process – she took all of the weight off our shoulders in terms of liaising with the real estate agents (and was able to get much more information out of them than we were), as well as finding us properties within our price range, and of course putting offers in and bidding for us at auctions.

I found Michelle to be incredibly responsive to any questions we had and generally a great support. I would highly recommend first home buyers using Amalain to help them through what is an unfamiliar and stressful process! Thanks!

Michele & Daniel

Made every step so easy

Thank you Michelle for your help and support with the sale of our house. Michelle took the stress, confusion and worry out of the sale and we felt confident knowing that we could trust her with every aspect of it.

Michelle arranged the interviewing of agents, negotiating of the Agents commission & reduced marketing costs, she also arranged the painting, maintenance, landscaping and the styling of our house in preparation for sale. Michelle had it all covered. Michelle made every step so easy and I would definitely recommend Michelle and Amalain Advocates to anyone looking to sell their home. Thank you!

Bernie & Maria

Guided me along the process

Work with Amalain

Thank you so much for all your assistance and support in guiding me along this process of becoming a property owner! I couldn’t have done it without you.

You’ve been such great help. Many thanks.


Comprehensive service and support

I had an excellent experience with Wendy from Amalain. The service and support they provide is comprehensive and invaluable when considering something as important as purchasing a house.

Wendy was both diligent and friendly, and a wonderful advocate when it came to negotiating with vendors and real estate agents. You can really tell how much experience she has in the field, and I knew I was in safe hands. I would absolutely recommend Amalain to anybody looking to purchase a property!

Rosie Angliss

The team is very hands on

This was my first dealings with Michelle & Wendy so I had no idea what to expect? To my pleasure, I was selected as the agent of choice to sell on their clients behalf.

Early on the campaign, I realized that the team at Amalain are very hands on. They were quick to assist in getting the property prepared for sale and were very hands on throughout the sales campaign. They have a real focus on assuring their clients to achieve the best and highest outcome! I would highly recommend them in the future.

Tate Moore
Director & Auctioneer
Yarraville & Williamstown

Made every step easy

No words can express my gratitude for Michelle’s tireless help and support with the sale of my house. Michelle took the stress, confusion and worry out of the sale and I felt confident knowing I could trust her with every aspect of it. From organising decorators to negotiating an amazing sale price, Michelle had it all covered.

She also went well beyond the call of duty post sale, assisting settlement and arranging cleaners and handymen when I needed them. Michelle made every step so easy and I would definitely recommend Amalain to anyone looking to sell their home. Thank you!


Couldn’t have done it without you

I just wanted to thank you for all your help with the purchase of my new home.

From the beginning with running around getting contract signed to dealing with third parties and all the legals involved, I would surely have been overwhelmed without your help.

As a newly single person I couldn’t have done it without you. I have finally settled in just in time for the new school year which was essential prior to my daughter starting VCE. So thanks again. I hope you have a great year.

Kind regards, Julia

Found a dream home for a great price

Finding a perfect property is very daunting, especially for an 80 yr old, so my mother, Jean, employed Michelle Amarant to help out.

In my involvement in the process I found Michelle to be very approachable, helpful, & knowledgeable. I know my mother no longer needed to stress, especially as Michelle handled all the legalities & importantly achieved a great price at Auction time.

Mum is very happy, so thank you Michelle for helping to find the home of Jeans dream.


Our 80 Year old downsizing client was over the moon with our Melbourne property finder service

Invaluable Assistance As Our Advocate

As first-time buyers who are based overseas, we had many questions and Wendy helped us through each step of the process.

She provided invaluable assistance as our advocate, providing insights into location and the market as well as linking us with contacts to smooth our path.

She was then able to help us secure a property off-the-market at a competitive price, saving us the trials of further auctions and money.

happy home buyers love working with Amalain buyers advocates

Fantastic, Fast Acting and Far More Affordable Service

Sold - why you should choose Amalain vendor advocates when you sell your home

After seeking to buy my first home for several months, I was recommended to utilise Wendy services.

Upon initial contact, it became quickly apparent that Wendy’s knowledge base and high level of professionalism would be of great assistance to me. Within 2 weeks Wendy had helped me find and buy my perfect first home, for 10’s of thousands of dollars cheaper than similar auctioned properties in the area.

Wendy’s service was fantastic, fast acting, and far more affordable than other buyer’s advocates in the market. I’d highly recommend Wendy’s services to anyone looking to break into this difficult market here in Melbourne, her services are invaluable.

Made The Process A Much Better Experience

Amalain Melbourne Buyers Advocates help find a home for first home buyers in Melbourne

Michelle has been wonderful through the process of buying our first home.

Being in the middle of a crazy busy work time I didn’t have the time or patience to search and deal with all the agents call and questions, Michelle took all the pressure off and made the process a much better experience.

Her advice and expertise was invaluable, I’ll be eternally grateful for her help.

Thank you Michelle!


Frank and Honest Advice

Michelle was highly recommended from a friend of mine that had utilised her services. Since our initial catch up, Michelle has proven her worth and I have had my expectations exceeded.

After the initial meeting, Michelle was consistently sending through quality properties to be inspected. Michelle’s real value (for me) was demonstrated when inspections, offers and bids were being put in. I hate dealing with real estate agents and Michelle was great as being my agent dealing direct with them, but having my interests first. I would highly recommend Michelle and hope to use her again, whenever i go through this process again.

The whole experience of buying a house, wasn’t as enjoyable as i thought it would. It was very stressful and having Michelle available really helped settle my nerves. She provided frank and honest advice, dealt with the various real estate agents on my behalf and supported me every step of the way. Michelle was always available, and quick to respond and reassuring. Michelle also had a great network of additional people she called on to help with the whole process of buying a house (building inspections, moving, legal services).

I would highly recommend Michelle and hope to use her again, whenever i go through this process again.

Amalain property finders help first home buyers find a home

A Cut Above The Rest

Firstly let me say a huge heart felt THANK YOU!

You put up with our dithering and pickiness. You hung in there when we flipped from buying to building and when we flopped back again.. You have just the right amount of tenacity to keep following up and knowing when we needed some space to get our heads right. Again, Thank you.

So to anyone who is contemplating the value of a Buyers Advocate… If you are a first time buyer/seller then do not hesitate!

Having someone on your side of the table made the process so much easier. We didn’t have to deal with pushy (and sometimes slimy) real estate agents Michelle shielded us from that the whole time. She is a wealth of information and a resource that we will ensure we use next time we get on this rollercoaster. (If she would have us!)

If you are just Time Poor (again like we are) then having her help organise things, dates, and people, was a godsend. I can’t and won’t believe you are just a regular Buyers Advocate. Only someone who is truly passionate about customer satisfaction would go to the lengths and level that she does. So why Michelle? Because, quite simply, she is a cut above the rest.

Please contact us for a confidential chat.





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