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Vendor Advocacy Service – 100% Independent

Amalain in the pressOur Vendor Advocacy service is offered at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE to you.

A vendor advocate works with you when you are selling your home or investment property.  Amalain Vendor Advocates provide you with trusted impartial advice and WE MAKE IT EASY to protect your interests through out the entire selling process by being your represented voice.

Our advocates are trained and experienced negotiators that will work with you and the Selling Agent to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

Amalain Advocates works with you to help you sell your property, by:

Amalain Buyer & Vendor advocates will help you select the right selling real estate agent to sell your Melbourne property

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesProviding an independent opinion of the value of the property

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesInterviewing and helping you with the selection of the most appropriate selling agent. We are 100% independent. We are not aligned with any real estate agency or group.

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesNegotiating a fair and reasonable selling commission on your behalf

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesNegotiating and implementing the most cost-effective marketing campaign to achieve the best possible outcome for the sale of your home

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesAdopting appropriate tactics on the day of sale and liaising with the appointed Auctioneer

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesOrganising conveyancing to prepare the Vendor Sale documents

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesProviding presentation tips, including rental furniture and any maintenance that may be required

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesAttending open for inspections

Offers a great service

I have to admit I had never heard of a vendors advocate when my broker recommended Wendy and her team but I’m so glad I contacted Amalain. Wendy did all the hard work for me, she interviewed the agents and had the tough chats that I knew I wasn’t capable of. In the end we chose an amazing agent together, I was given all the facts about each agent and the associated fees and was able to make an informed decision.

Wendy and the team walked me through the process and Wendy calmed my nerves every time I got a little frazzled. Auction day was a blur and I was so thankful to have Wendy’s support and guidance.

Amalain offers a great service but its more than that, they’re awesome people to deal with and so genuine. I would have no hesitation recommending them to my friends or using them again.

Kel Rudd


Amalain Vendor AdvocatesWe hold your hand and guide you through out the entire sales process

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesWe ensure the sale of your home is as stress free and easy as possible.

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesWe interview the real estate agents for you, freeing up your valuable time. We then provide you with 100% impartial feedback and advice, saving you time and unnecessary angst.

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesWe negotiate the best sales commission for you and ensure that you do not pay for unnecessary marketing that is not appropriate for the sale of your type of house.

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesWe proof all the marketing materials for you, eliminating wasting your time with multiple back and forth edits, so that you only need to sign off on the finished artwork.

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesWe arrange for any necessary maintenance to be done prior to putting your home on the market. We also offer presentation tips and suggestions including the use of rental/staging furniture that will showcase your home in the best possible light.

Amalain Vendor Advocates We take charge for you, whilst always keeping you looped in to what is going on.

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesWe protect your interests throughout the entire campaign by liaising directly with the agent on your behalf.  All buyer feedback comes directly to us, which we then pass on to you. No agent shenanigans, just the facts.

Let Us Make It Easy For You Too Please contact us for a confidential chat.


Amalain Vendor AdvocatesLack the time to interview agents yourself

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesAre looking to lower your stress levels when selling your home

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesAre an Executor of an estate or beneficiary of a deceased estate and need help

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesAre confused by all the different opinions and conflicting advice as to how to sell

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesHave not sold a property before or not for a very long time or a previous sale did not go to plan

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesWant impartial, independent advice and someone working solely for you, the seller

Amalain Vendor AdvocatesWant someone to take care of all the time consuming leg work, from start to finish right up until settlement

As we work alongside the agent, we are paid from their fee.
So there is no additional cost to you when we work with you.
Please contact us for a confidential chat.

If you’d like us to MAKE IT EASY to sell your home or investment property, we offer a no obligation 30 minute FREE PHONE CONSULTATION to discuss your requirements.

Our Vendor Advocacy service is offered at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE to you.

Please contact us for a confidential chat.