What is a Vendor Advocate and Why You Should Consider Using One

//What is a Vendor Advocate and Why You Should Consider Using One
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I’ve been speaking to a few people lately, each of whom has known someone that is selling their home. When I ask them whether they’d consider using a Vendor Advocate, I’ll often get a quizical look. Clearly, not a lot of people understand the role of a Vendor Advocate and how we work within the sales process when you are selling your property.


In a nutshell, a vendor advocate is YOUR Advocate when you are looking to sell your home. We have vast experience when it comes to both buying and selling real estate, so we act as your voice for you during the selling process.

We will liaise with you as to how you’d like your home sold and who we think is best positioned to be your selling real estate agent. We do not have alliances with any one real estate agency brand so, by being impartial, we are able to advise you honestly as to who we think will be the best selling agent in your area.

We are basically the go-between between you as the person selling a home and the real estate agent, the person appointed to sell the home.


When you appoint us to act for you and with you, we will first of all identify whom we feel to be the top selling real estate agents in your area. We will then speak to each of those real estate agents and arrange a time for them to come and do what is called a “listing presentation”. This is real estate speak for presenting a pitch to you as to why you should appoint them to sell your home.

With each agent that we short list, we will conduct an interview process. This is the opportunity for us to see just how good of a selling agent they are. We get them to:

  • tell us why they think they are the best person for the job.
  • run through their paces, getting them to share how they’d market the property and why they’d choose that method.
  • tell us what they feel your house is worth and get them to back that figure up with recent comparable sales.
  • state up front what it is going to cost you to sell your home, both in marketing expenses and in the commission that they wish you to pay.

We basically want to see how well they negotiate when put under pressure to win your business. It’s up to you whether you decide to be there during this process or not.

I see this as a key area that the agent you choose needs to excel at. But sadly, many people do not like confrontation and are not willing to ask the tough questions that every agent should be able to answer. We negotiate every day. We welcome the challenge to ensure that your interests are first and foremost, every time.

Once we’ve conducted all the interviews, we summarise for you the overall marketing costs and commission that you would be paying for each real estate agent, based on a realistic selling price. Then we liaise with you as to which agent you feel that you’d like to appoint. The final decision always rests with you.

Once an agent is chosen, from that point onwards, the agent speaks solely to us. We ensure the agent keeps us looped in throughout the entire sales campaign, as to levels of interest, buyer feedback, contract requests and the like. We then pass this information on to you.

At all times, the agent only speaks to us. Why?

  • it saves you time – we summarise for you the feedback, which allows you to get on with everything else that you need to focus on in your lives.
  • we make it simple for you – there are many moving parts when preparing your home for sale. We co-ordinate everyone and everything for you, freeing up your valuable time.
  • it saves you stress – at no time can an agent try and condition you regarding what the market is doing.

“Conditioning” is where a real estate agent, having told you one thing, then tries to get you to accept something else. A prime example is an agent that tells you a very high sales price during a sales pitch to win your business, then starts to tell you that the “market has changed” or “there is a problem with your home”, all ploys to get you to accept a lower selling price for your home. We won’t stand for any such shenanigans.


This is an excellent question. You may think that you are just fine on your own. You know a local guy that is a really nice bloke, his kids may even attend the same school as yours. But in this industry, being a nice friendly guy or gal may not necessarily make you the best man or woman for the job.

Why use a Vendor Advocate?

  • We know how to negotiate – we will ensure that the agent that is chosen really is doing the right thing by you regarding the marketing that they want you to pay for. Is that full page colour advert in your local glossy magazine really necessary? Does it work? How would you know?
  • It removes the emotion – selling the family home can and often is a very stressful experience. There are often many moving parts and a myriad of reasons as to why a property is being sold, not to mention lots of different voices needing to have a say. We are the central point of contact, we keep everybody informed and totally remove the emotion from the communication process.
  • We take the stress away – we will provide you with honest, open feedback and ensure your interests are protected at all times.
  • We speak the language – we know how the real estate game is played and we are in your corner to keep the real estate agents honest.
  • People don’t trust real estate agents – a sad fact, but true. Many people we speak to do not trust real estate agents. It’s that simple. There are many excellent real estate agents out there – our job is to make sure the best one is chosen to sell your home.
  • We ensure transparency – selling a home is often the sale of the biggest asset you will ever own. It is vital you know what is going on, how long it will take, what it will cost you and what you are likely to receive at the end of it all. We work side by side with you to make sure you stay informed at every step of the sales process.
  • We’re local – you may not be located in Melbourne. In fact, you may be trying to manage the sale of your Melbourne property from interstate or even overseas. Let us be your ears and eyes on the ground here in Melbourne.


We offer our Vendor Advocacy service to you at no additional cost to you.
You get to leverage our years of experience buying and selling homes, managing real estate agents and understanding how the “real estate game” works, without it costing you anything more than if you decided to directly sell your home yourself.

We’d love to MAKE IT EASY for you when it comes to selling your family home, an investment property or even it if is just time to upsize or downsize. We are your trusted voice in the Melbourne real estate market.

For a confidential conversation about helping you sell your home, call our office on 03 8609 1234 or email enquire@amalain.com.au.

Looking to buy in Melbourne and sick of missing out at auction? Thinking of selling and wanting trusted, impartial advice and hand holding to protect your interests throughout the entire selling process? Talk to us about how WE MAKE IT EASY to buy or sell your home.

Please contact us for a confidential chat.

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