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When it comes to real estate, there’s a wealth of information available on the internet. But for new home buyers, what they can find online can be a bit confusing. Some data may already be updated whilst other information may be incomplete or out of date, leaving readers craving accurate information and needing to look elsewhere.

This is one of the reasons why home buyers and investors need to consider hiring a Buyers Advocate when buying the property they desire.

A Buyers Advocate, also known as a buyers agent, can do a variety of tasks for the property buyer beyond simply searching for the right property.

Speak to Amalain property finders to find your next homeWhen researching an area, a Buyers Agent can give you objective local community information covering zoning, utilities, schools and current market conditions among others. Your buyers advocate will be able to look for homes suited for your needs including features that might fit your lifestyle beyond your basic criteria, particularly when your preferred type of property is not available.

When speaking to our clients, Amalain Advocates always make sure that they understand the key criteria and drivers that are important when it comes to the property purchase.

For some, a particular school zone is important. For others, access to easy public transport links or proximity to family will drive their decision as to the home to buy. For those looking to invest in property, there will be another set of criteria.

A Buyers Advocate has the skills that can help buyers in the negotiation process which is the most critical part of the home buying process. This also includes preparing all the documentation for making an offer to purchase the property, any counter offer and managing the process right up to the settlement stage. A professional Buyers Agent should be able to cover all aspects of the negotiation process including the price, settlement terms, date of possession as well as the inclusion or exclusion of repairs and furnishings.

Another task they can handle is following up on any inspections and investigations necessary for purchasing a property. Sometimes, people who buy a home on their own may not be knowledgeable about this or the need to source their own inspection reports. A seller is most unlikely to highlight issues with a property. But with a Buyers Advocate working for you and with you, you can be sure to cover off any important documents or inspections. A professional Buyers Agent knows how to evaluate a property, determine the type of inspections needed and find qualified professionals to do any investigations and issue written reports.

Another benefit home buyers can gain from having a Buyers Advocate is getting the right advice in terms of handling repairs on the property. With experience in knowing what to look for and tell tale signs to check for regarding the condition of homes, buyers advocates should be able to point out areas of the property that may need fixing.

Contact Amalain for your free real estate consultationPrior to settlement, a good Buyers Agent should make sure that the interests of the home buyer are protected and accompany them to the final inspection of the home, prior to settlement taking place. The Buyers Advocate will arrange a time with the agent, prior to the settlement, to inspect the property with the buyer, to check that everything is as previously inspected, ensuring a smooth settlement.

If you’d like us to help you with your property purchase, be it your next home or investment property, we’d love to help. We offer a no obligation 30 minute FREE phone consultation to discuss your requirements.

Unlike many other Buyers Advocates who work on a commission basis, when you choose to work with us we offer a LOW FLAT FIXED FEE so you’ll know exactly what your investment will be, right from the start.

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